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Fleet management system can boost fleet efficiency and safety. Here’s how to choose a fleet management system to maximize fleet management benefits.

Many enterprises — from houses of worship to large shipping and delivery companies — need to track vehicles and the goods they transport. As the number of vehicles increases, enterprises often turn to fleet management software.

Mature fleet management software deployments use fleet telematics and software with the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. In addition to using IoT fleet management for tracking capabilities, companies use the technology to optimize compliance, efficiency and safety and increase the effectiveness of fleet operations, including maintenance, inspections and fuel consumption.

Before investing in any fleet management software technology, enterprises should define their objectives. Selecting the applications to deploy requires balancing and prioritizing the needs of different business units (e.g., fleet operations versus customer service).

In this article we:

Look at the most common software functions fleet managers should consider. Explore the benefits of fleet management software.

Outline IoT SaaS-based fleet management system providers, as well as software and hardware fleet management system providers. And more.

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