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KVS is the best that could have ever happened to my Transport business!!!

Honestly speaking, I didn’t realize initially, a cloud-based Fleet Management Software with advanced telematics could enormously enhance my turnover.  Gingafleets has indeed been such a revelation; so much so that I am assured that an end-to-end automated system will keep my transport business running without hitches all the time, 24X7.  All that I’ll need to do is, keep monitoring it with no more silly frustrations about fleet operations. To reiterate my point, here are a few aspects of KVS that got me bowled over:

KVS has a wholesome Fleet Tracking feature

As a brand, one of the best Fleet Management Software, KVS offers one of the most flexible, powerful features of:

  • Being able to host on Cloud, with the most secure anytime-anywhere access
  • The best part I found was, it is compatible with all global Tracker devices over GPS.
  • KVS is operational in 10+ countries across the globe with multiple-language support
  • One of its nicest features is, KVS works across industrial verticals
  • Since Gingfleets is an open system, it allows me to add any new feature that I may want, quickly

Now I can very accurately Track and Manage my Fleet, even if it is across the globe

One of the most potent features I found with KVS is, tracking and managing my fleet over Phone, Desktop, Laptop etc in real-time.  Since we operate a variety of fleets including cars, trucks, buses, two-wheelers, KVS dynamic features have multi-fold increased the operational efficiency of my business.  Now, dynamic fleet management and tracking have become incredibly easy.

The complete solution for my billing-related challenges

KVS has provided the ‘ answer’ for my biggest headache, viz., disputes in billing.  With its accurate and prompt arrival and departure register entries and tracking data at client sites, my billing-related disputes have in fact vanished.

My fleet is reporting efficiency at their peeks

Starting from call time/duration analysis, fleet availability, coordination, tracking until analysis of idle time, my system is able to deftly bring about the most optimized allocation of routes.  The data is also analysed with respect to weather conditions, traffic levels etc. Reporting efficiency is one of the features, only the best Fleet Management Software can offer.

I now rest assured of fleet & cargo Security

Since I’d already experienced pain-points with vehicle and cargo thefts more than once, there can be a no better person to understand its importance than me.  However, with the GPS Tracking feature of KVS, has significantly contributed to both my Fleet and Cargo security.

Another good bargain has been a lesser Insurance cost

Almost all my Insurance companies have started giving significant discounts on premium amounts of my Insurance Policies.  The GPS Tracking feature has made KVS one of the best Fleet Management Software.  It has provided an innate credibility assurance to numerous Insurance companies of profitable business at their ends too, who are quite delighted to offer such discounts.

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