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Buying a new Fleet Management Software?  Here are a few things to first contemplate!!!

If you are looking to seriously consider deploying a new Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking System for your Enterprise, there are a few vital aspects to be noted.  Today’s Software market has a whole gamut of options for you to choose from in terms of a suitable Fleet Management tool.  Here at KVS, Consultants have shared these vital aspects which could provide you with useful insights on selecting ‘the correct’ Fleet Management Software for your organization.  

  • How compatible is the selected Software for my Enterprise operations?

The foremost criteria are to check out if the Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking System gels with the operations of a wide range of industry verticals.  More so, the vital aspect is how suitable is the Software you’ve selected fits into your end-to-end Fleet Management operations.

Included in this criterion is the fact on the perfect operational compatibility of the selected Fleet Management Software, despite varying organizational size.  For instance, KVS is a perfect, all-size-Enterprise-blend, covering the entire set of operations involved in the Fleet industry.

  • How is the ease of use aspect?

Today’s world of Smart Phone and Smart Interfacing technology has produced Users who are both comfortable as well as pampered by the industry with the smartest of Software Interfaces.  Especially for the fast-paced Fleet Management industry, personnel have hardly any time to contemplate on time-to-deliver fleet routing, directing and control operations.  Here, Software with Interfaces that offer sheer ease-of-use is the best companions that offer a nil-assistance-required scenario.  KVS is a typical example and a few of its properties are:

  1. Dynamic operations such as order processing involve just interface-aided drags and drops
  2. Be in direct contact with drivers on the SmartPhones for vital routing, directing and navigational assistance
  3. Smartest of Dashboard features that can think and analyze for you in your fleeting operations
  4. Not to discount on the robust GPS and Telematics features that make capturing live ETA updates and fleet tracking the most comfortable of jobs ever
  5. Instant alerts and notification features on Fleet arrivals and departures
  • Ok, is the Customer Support any good?

Fleet Management is one of the main industries that vitally require assistance and support on their Software operations.  The key here is to select the perfect Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking System that not only is good at customer support. The mandatory requirement here is to additionally deploy advanced Customer Support technology such as that in KVS, in the aid of Customers for instant answers.

  • Will the Fleet Management Software be scalable to grow along with my Enterprise?

When it comes to buying advanced technology Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking System, it is definitely out of question to have a use-and-throw attitude in mind.  All said and done, when you buy a suitable Software for your end-to-end fleeting operations, it should be there to not just stay, but also develop and grow along with all your business expansion and dynamism plans.  KVS is a typical example, with in-built APIs that render it special scalability property.  You can be free to a pool-in larger volume of data processing from across departments, be it Route Management and tracking, Customer Support with increased analytics capability and insightful reports.

  • Reputation and compliance norms

Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking System developers such as KVS display an ever and still growing pool of customer base, that is a mark of their reputation in the industry.  KVS believes in end-to-end, Cloud technology-based automated fleet management, adhering, adapting and scaling to every compliance norm currently in effects such as ELD Mandate or those that would be effective in future too.

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