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Transport Management System (TMS) is a software – as the name says it all – it helps in effectively managing the logistics supply chain and is popularly used in the transportation industry. This Transport software is basically used to aid in day to day operations of transport units, freight, shipments, cargo, etc. It helps in automating a series of regular processes and paperwork that is required to manage the load and geo-logistics.

Some of the advantages and basic functions of the TMS are;

Appointment scheduling – with many vehicles to be managed it becomes very important to know which vehicle needs to be scheduled where and for what. This is done at ease with the TMS in place.

  • Claims Management – claims from drivers and vendor vehicles can be easily monitored and payments can be calculated in a jiffy based on the data provided by TMS
  • Returns management – in freight and shipment businesses, there are high possibilities of goods being returned – in such cases, TMS enables to keep track of such goods
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting – helps to understand the functioning of the business enabling owners to find ways of improvising on it.
  • Freight Billing, auditing, payment calculations and reporting – the automation process enables perfect billing, auditing of those bills and calculates the right payment and generates reports that offer insight into total payments, outstanding and receipts.
  • Tracking shipments – tracking enables you to be informed as to which shipment is going where and any delays can be made good by taking necessary action at the right time
  • Carrier management – execution, tracking and communication. This helps shippers in finding the right carriers that offer them the right package that suits their requirement the best while remaining cost-effective.
  • Routing guide – offers an idea about the inbound routes offering better cost and freight management
  • Optimization of shipment routing – helps vendors immensely as it offers the right routes that enable them to manage their costs better
  • Load planning for shipments – helps in load planning, finding optimized routes, saving costs and time, thereby making load management very easy

With plenty of advantage and user-friendly operations, many transportation companies in the present day have begun to make use of a transportation management system. This also helps in reducing manual errors and having better control while remaining cost-effective. TMS is particularly popular for companies that deal with plenty of in-house and vendor vehicles for shipments. Appointment scheduling claims management TMS, TMS Software tracking ShipmentsTransport Management System.

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