KVS SOMA is a computerized fleet management system designed for companies and corporate houses that own a fleet of vehicles. It becomes an essential tool in places where accurate information, continuous vehicle performance evaluation and increased vehicle efficiency are the keywords. Input of functional knowledge from industry experts has brought the best out of the product in terms of the functionality.

Fleet Utilisation
Fleet operators are able to act upon information with greater speed, accuracy and confidence. SOMA is an improved transportation management system with superior efficiency that gives you the power to maximize profits and the muscle to make better decisions more quickly. It has been observed that the implementation of SOMA would cut down the operational cost by almost 20 - 30%. A number of MIS reports such Vehicle performance report, Driver efficiency report, un utilized period and monthly mileage of vehicles, monthly performance of branches etc. are generated that are essential to the top level management while making crucial decisions. Graphical outputs of the reports make it easier for comparisons. More over it becomes easy to co relate and infer.

Fleet Maintenance
KVS SOMA Control costs by reducing downtime, reducing the number of emergency repairs, reducing unnecessary spare parts inventory, and by improving the use of resources. Analysis reports are available to determine the cost of maintenance at different level, Assures quality by helping you maintain your assets in peak operating condition.
The format has been determined after listening closely to the needs of "hands on" Service Managers, rather than Head Office accountants or other administration personnel, thus the program is specifically designed to be practical, and simple to use. True user friendly, menu driven program ensures that there is no need for extensive staff training, or reference to complicated manuals Vehicle History: - all repairs and servicing done on vehicles is recorded, and can later be interrogated by specific item or code.

Fuel Management
As fuel constitute a majority of the running expenses on a vehicle, SOMA provides an in depth analysis of fuel efficiency. Even a very marginal increase of 0.1KMPL on fuel per vehicle would mean substantial monetary savings over a year from a fleet of vehicles. Fuel mileage maybe determined based on the vehicle number or for a group of vehicles or based on the fuel supplier. The fuel purchase is completely integrated with the accounts module.

Tracking Tyre Efficiency
With this module track: comprehensive tyre data, recap analysis, scrap reasons, tread wear, costs, and much more. Because tyre monitoring and maintenance are critical to your business, SOMA contains a detailed tyre tracking option and allows you to maintain an inventory of all tyres and track mileage and repairs on the tyres. When you set up tyre master information, you specify on which unit the tyre is currently located, and you can view the lifetime repair cost of the tyre. Once a tyre is assigned to a unit, you can record information about changes or repairs made to a tyre.

By keeping tabs on individual tyre brands, names, wheel positions and recap histories, you can better determine the best performers and make better product choices. The Tyre option identifies each individual tyre and maintains a complete record of its specifications and associated costs, as well as its service and repair history.

How KVS SOMA Differs from other Transport Software?
While other transportation software products simply automate operations processes and require significant changes to the way you perform your business, SOMA adapts to your business rules, allowing you to run your business with improved efficiency and the capability to maximize profits
Will SOMA Fleet Software Integrated with my Finance Software?
Yes, SOMA is capable of interfacing with the Standard Finance Software.
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