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  Web based tracking system
Our tracking system provides real time tracking of vehicles. The solution enables control officer to monitor the movement of their vehicles including, route taken, journey start and completion time, distance travelled, speed, stoppage location/duration, over speeding, acceleration /deceleration etc. The solution provides complete journey records for all vehicles for easy planning, tracking and scheduling thereby helping fleet manager to manage their fleet more effectively and profitably.

It is a GPS & GSM based Hardware which will be fitted in each Vehicle.
Basic application Software will be loaded at our Server.
Web application combines Internet technology, GPS & wireless terrestrial networks such as GSM/GPRS into an affordable fleet tracking and monitoring system.
The vehicle unit which has built-in GPS receiver for determining the vehicle's location, speed, direction & altitude.
Vehicle Unit receives the GPS data & sends via GSM/GPRS network to our server
The GPS data is recorded and saved in a secure database by web application.
The web application can be linked with clients website.
From Any PC, managers can login through Internet to Clients website & can track the vehicle by clicking on the link.
Map contains all road network with zoom in & zoom out level facilities.
Real time maps that allow viewing of one mobile asset at a time or all mobile assets

Control officer can make voice call to drivers through predefined GSM number.
Driver can make Voice call to control station or to the respective region heads.

Emergency alerts:
SOS button will be provided to driver.
On pressing of SOS Emergency alert it can be seen on the web what time from which location he sent the message Same alerts you can get on three different mobile for immediate action.

Online Reports:
By using User password managers can generate tracking reports of their respective group vehicles.
Central office can generate reports for all vehicle
Vehicle can be seen on the map with current location & route taken by the vehicle.
Poll option to know where is the vehicle instantly.
Real time viewing of your mobile assets, or on a periodic basis (e.g., every half hour)

Reports Available:
Total trips made by the vehicle during the day, week, or month.
Total distance covered by the vehicle on each trip,
Actual Departure & arrival of vehicle,
Speed & location for each GPS recorded point in the trip,
Average speed /max speed travelled during each trip,

Stoppage details
Number of stops made by the vehicle
Duration of each stop
Location of each stop
Distance travelled in between two stops
Total Distance travelled on any stop.
Total Stop time in trip.
Total drive time in every trip
Acceleration / Deceleration Report
Trip Summary report
Periodic Vehicle summary report
Over Speed Reports

Business Advantages:
Tracking the mobile asset improves the vehicle turnaround time/utilization, reduces operating costs, and ensures safety of vehicle and passengers provides improved level of customer information and service.

Advantages of the new system
On line information of any vehicle anytime from anywhere
2-way voice call
Schedule Adherence
No need for software
Easy to handle
No human intervention is required
Emergency alert update on web
Emergency alerts on mobiles
Timely response to emergency condition
Improved coordination amongst officials
Increased public safety
Improved operation efficiency
Location guidance
Rescheduling the nearest vehicle on emergency spot
To get accurate KMPL
Increased competitive edge and brand value
Route deviation or misuse of vehicles can be eliminated.
How KVS SOMA Differs from other Transport Software?
While other transportation software products simply automate operations processes and require significant changes to the way you perform your business, SOMA adapts to your business rules, allowing you to run your business with improved efficiency and the capability to maximize profits
Will SOMA Fleet Software Integrated with my Finance Software?
Yes, SOMA is capable of interfacing with the Standard Finance Software.
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