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  Our Range of Products comes in two technologies

Client – Server Application
KVS SOMA Fleet Management System is state-of-the-art transport vertical software covering the entire activities of any transport segment. KVS SOMA is a completely integrated solution designed to meet the requirements of any organization with a fleet of vehicles.

The system is designed using Client Server architecture and it also Supports Multi- Branching and when the system is located in different locations (branches), Data synchronization between different branches is done offline using Encryption / Decryption mechanism.

Web Based Solutions
KVS eSOMA Online Fleet Management System is the Next Generation of our Fleet Management Software with which you are able to access your application anywhere in the world. All it required is to host the application in a server and internet connection to facilitate the access online application. Some of the Benefits of eSOMA Online Fleet Management System are as follows

   Any time access
   No need to install in all the client machines
   Online dashboards for all kind of works/ branch wise and etc
   Light weight system, thus use very little network resources
SOMA – CFMS is a complete system that integrates different functions in a transport company, such as, accounts, inventory, payroll, invoicing etc. While other transportation software products simply automate operations processes and require significant changes to the way you perform your business, SOMA adapts to your business rules, allowing you to run your business with improved efficiency and the capability to maximize profits.

Fleet operators are able to act upon information with greater speed, accuracy and confidence. High level of security may be implemented to prevent unauthorized users from meddling with the company’s information. Instantaneous reports may be generated with up to date information. SOMA shows the current stock position at any of the branches of the company. Complete history of the vehicle is maintained which helps determine the feasibility of the vehicle and thus also while making crucial decisions. The features and functions available are almost complete and are available at a very affordable price.

SOMA – CMMS is a simple to use preventative maintenance scheduling system that assists in planning the servicing of their transport fleets to both minimize vehicle downtime and maximize workshop utilization. Our commitment is to create and support reasonably priced easy-to-use software products for public and private equipment fleets. The system control costs by reducing downtime, reducing the number of emergency repairs, reducing unnecessary spare parts inventory, and by improving the use of labour resources

FATI contains a detailed Fuel and Tyre tracking option, As fuel and Tires constitute a majority of the running expenses on a vehicle, SOMA provides an in depth analysis of the performance of Tires on vehicles and fuel efficiency. Fuel details whether issued by way of credit or cash is capture including the vehicle odometer reading at the time of filling fuel, the quantity of fuel used, supplier, rate, whether full tank or not etc. Thus, the fuel mileage calculation is near accurate. Entire life of the tire, right from the purchase, to the vehicle it is mounted on, the removal details, rotation across various positions, repairs done to the tire, retread details etc. is recorded for useful analysis of tire performance. Over a period, the system would help the management determine the average cost per kilometer and the best performing tire manufacturer, brand for their operations
Solution meets the requirement of Cab Operators for Tours & Travels, IT/ITES Corporate Services, and Taxi Services. You have an option of either go with One Screen Tiny Application or Multi Screen Complete Application.

SMS Solution is Bulk SMS software which basically developed to work with SOMA for sending various statuses such as Booking, Delivery to Consigner, Consignees etc., and for sending Promotional Offers to the Customers. It is also suitable for Taxi Services for SMS Communication to the Customers regarding vehicle/driver details and time of reporting etc.

This is a Log System, used to handle Error/Complaint Logs, Call Assignment to the Personnel, Closure Status, and History of the Service calls etc. The Service / Complaint Call raised by the Customer will be entered and tracked until rectification. In addition, it handles the Customer/Client database, Reminder for next service, License Handling and Version Handling etc.
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