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Fleet Management Consultancy
With the current affairs in the company showing a dominant face, several issues such as the efficiency of the fleet in terms of the running cost, route performance, optimization the fleet utilization, spares procurement management etc. are given little importance or in many cases are simply neglected. We provide expert services in these areas and thereby look into all the possible areas where optimization can be done to improve the overall performance of the fleet. Some of the key areas that we study and analyze include Bench mark client competitiveness

   Best business practices reviews
   Fleet size, composition and utilization studies
   Lease versus own fleet feasibility studies
   Outsourcing and in-sourcing feasibility studies
   Fleet replacement plan

We do an extensive study of the existing setup, the complete flow of documents, detect the leakages and design a completely fool proof system. Our consultancy team is a perfect blend of high profile members who, have several years of experience in the field of transport consultancy and fresh minds who can put in fresh thoughts to issues. Our solutions offer information analysis capabilities that empower our customers to achieve strategic objectives and improve business performance and strategy modelling. Volumes of data are collected and using several tools that aid in the decision making, we do a complete analysis to determine the areas that can optimized.

Our business consultants are highly skilled in the analysis, review and improvement of business processes. This ensures that a business is operating in a way that best supports the overall objectives of the organization, and can lead to enhanced levels of services and cost savings. We follow project management methodology that is the most widely accepted method of choice for the effective management of projects and programs of all sizes. Also, we would suggest the software systems specification, selection, and implementation. Our business consultants would be part of the planning, establishment and management of the information system throughout its life cycle. We also enable establishment and integration of tracking solutions on vehicles and remote assets with the existing systems.
Business Process Outsourcing
By understanding & recognizing the increasing needs in the transportation industry, KVS Systems introduces the BPO Services for Working in KVS SOMA. This will help you stay ahead from the burden of managing people to have data collected, validated and processed. Thus allowing you to dedicate more time and apply better in you area of core competencies. As we know your business and understand the challenges, we are able to offer you, not only the technology but also the services for managing the operations.

How we work?

Data that would be collected on daily basis or as the case may demand from the client would be input into KVS SOMA using resources from KVS Systems. Depending on the volume of data, the entry may either be done on site, on line or may be collected and input into the system periodically. Validity of data is ensured while data is keyed into the system. An extract of input data would be given on regular basis to the Client for verification. Upon verification, necessary processing to the input data would be done and reports would be generated accordingly.
Software As Service
Scared about License Cost?????? Worried about investment????? Here is a Solution. You can use the application in monthly subscription basis. And the charges will be based on the actual usage for that month.

The Monthly Subscription System was designed keeping in mind of Transporters operating Fleets in Small Numbers. To make them using the software in their affordable cost KVS Systems Introduced SOMA Pay As You Use.

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