Voice of the Customers
  "SOMA CFMS has been the solution that we have been looking for. It just fits into the organization without much effort. We have implemented the system in all our branches (seven branches throughout India). Now, the improvement in the organizational efficiency is really substantial."

T.S.VENUGOPAL, Partner, K.V.Somasundaram & Co.

"I have already gone through several software's but this is the best that i have come across and i'm totally satisfied....In terms of service...they are always prepared to do changes to the system whenever necessary without any hesitation."

Rajinder Singh, Managing Director, Janta Roadways (P) Ltd., Chennai

"We had a lot of problems tracing unbilled trips...calculating trip wise profit and also customer wise, sector wise performance.....now that is no more an issue. KVS software (KVS SOMA – CFMS) has helped to a great extent..things are much easy, now that they are completely automated and also I'm confident in making decisions as I'm sure I have accurate data."

SOMANATHAN, Partner, Vistas Roadlines, Chennai

"The fuel and tyre analysis reports provided are truly exhaustive."

H.Karthikeyan, MIT(AUS), Ammayapper Roadways

Very user-friendly and customizable software as per our need. Prompt service regarding software errors/database errors. Efficiency boaster in transport industry due to online system. Real time money saver.

Ashish, Navalakha Translines

We find that KVS Soma software is working fine. The fuel filling report seems to be good, where in we can take consumption of diesel truck-wise, supplier-wise etc.,
Most of the reports are useful for transporters.

Balaji, Sundharams Private Limited, Chennai
How KVS SOMA Differs from other Transport Software?
While other transportation software products simply automate operations processes and require significant changes to the way you perform your business, SOMA adapts to your business rules, allowing you to run your business with improved efficiency and the capability to maximize profits
Will SOMA Fleet Software Integrated with my Finance Software?
Yes, SOMA is capable of interfacing with the Standard Finance Software.
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